Flip It On Fraud

When it comes to insurance fraud, everyone is affected. Whether it is through higher premiums for customers; delayed handling of legitimate claims; delayed access to customer service or claims personnel (because fraudulent claimants often push for quick payments through multiple calls, texts, or emails, taking time away from legitimate claimants); costs to investigate fraudulent claims; and sometimes, injuries or death to others, we are all affected by these fraudulent claims for money.

Fraud can also be tough to spot.

While there is the occasional and obvious altered/forged document; the inappropriate use of verbiage on a claims form; contradictory statements about the incident prompting the claims filing; and fax or caller ID information that indicates a return to work (despite a continuing claim of disability), most attempts at fraud are not that easy to identify.

Claimants with fraudulent claims will submit false information or omit pertinent information to achieve their goal of receiving benefits not due to them.

When that information comes in either dribbles or floods, discerning fraud becomes even more difficult.

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