Study: Millions Deceitful On Auto Insurance Applications

Honesty is the best policy. But not all Americans believe it gets them the best insurance policy, according to a recent study from

Roughly 35.8 million American adults admit to lying to their car insurer, which equates to about 14.0% of Americans.

This number is way up compared to a 2020 Finder survey, which found that roughly 11.8 million Americans have played fast and loose with the facts when applying for insurance -- about a 204.8% increase in liars nationwide.

What are Americans lying about when applying for car insurance? Lying about their accident history comes out on top, with nearly a third of people who said they lied to their insurance admitting it was about their accident history.

The next most common lie told to car insurers was using an inaccurate address with 29.7% of people who lied to car insurers saying this was a type of lie they told. In third is lying about how they planned to use their car at about 26.6%.

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